Payment Solution Partner of Leading Financial Institutions

Constantly growing and improving

EVO was founded in 1989 as an individually owned, independent sales organization. The emphasis on sales at our inception remains evident through our continued focus on maintaining industry-leading products and services.

Improving and automating processes

Over the years, EVO’s growth has accelerated as we establish and invest in new sales partnerships, distribution channels and product offerings. While we have expanded our distribution capabilities and grown our portfolio of customer relationships, we have invested considerably in providing support services to our sales partners and leveraging our capabilities to drive continued growth. Automating key functions of the acquiring process, including onboarding of new customers and various risk monitoring functions, is just one key example of our success.

Growing Internationally

EVO Payments International began its push for international expansion in Canada in 2009. Our growth outside North America started in 2012 with the acquisitions of Deutsche Card Services, formally a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, and a controlling interest in Banco Popular’s merchant acquiring business in Spain. To fund the continued international expansion and the additional growth initiatives, we partnered with Madison Dearborn Partners.

In 2013, we entered into an alliance with PKO Bank Polski by acquiring a controlling interest in the Polish payment services provider eService. A year later, EVO entered into a long-term, exclusive relationship with the Bank of Ireland to establish a presence in Europe.

More recently, EVO expanded its North American footprint with the successful completion of the purchase of Citigroup’s merchant acquiring business in Mexico, conducted through Banco Nacional de Mexico S.A. (Banamex), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citigroup.

Expanding service range

With international expansion, EVO has become a payments institution and a principal member of Visa and MasterCard. We have also expanded our services beyond the traditional point of sale business, offering premiere services for ATMs, mail order and telephone order as well as eCommerce and mCommerce. The range and quality of our services has been further enhanced with the acquisitions of specialized distribution and solutions partners, such as Encore, PowerPay and EVO Snap*.